Remote Startups Allowing Recovering Addicts to Work from Home

In the 21st century, there are a lot of different ways to go into business, and there are a lot of different ways to make a career for oneself. For the recovering addict, this could not be a better situation. For people in recovery, their first priority must be their recovery and their sobriety. Their first priority must be their incessant willingness to get clean and to stay clean off of drugs and alcohol. Their first priority must be a steadfast insistence upon getting clean and sober and free from addiction once and for all and for good.

With this in mind, it becomes easy to see that anything else and everything else becomes a secondary goal for recovering addicts, and it becomes less important for them to worry about those other things.

However, there are still other things that the recovering individual needs to keep in mind and needs to keep their thoughts on. That is to say that there still needs to be a focus, a direction, an incentive, and a process of thought that the individual is going after if they want to create and ensure success for themselves.

When people are in recovery, they also need to think about a job, income, a place to stay, regular meals, etc. These are important factors in any recovery aspect that need to be taken into consideration while an individual is also keeping track of their recovery too.

Start Up Business

A lot of times, when a recovering addict is facing the prospect of reentering the workforce, they feel pretty concerned and nervous about this. Take for example the recovering addict who feels as though their workplace was a big part of the problem last time, and they are afraid that if they jump back into a workplace again that they might end up facing an addiction struggle all over again too.

This is a legitimate concern. A lot of addicts abuse substances socially, especially alcoholics. There is no surprise or concern here. When such individuals abuse such substances, they do so in a social setting, and a workplace is very much a social setting in a way. Recovering addicts often feel they need to avoid a workplace, for they fear that entering into that type of environment is going to be bad news for them. So, they take on the alternative, which is they don’t work at all, which is equally dangerous in terms of the threat of relapse goes.

This is where a startup business comes into play. A small business startup or a new business startup of some kind is a perfect option for a recovering addict, especially one that they can run out of their own home. A startup is something that is truly helpful and exciting and also completely avoids the social aspect of a workplace. Furthermore, with technology the way it is and the advancements of the internet, it is totally feasible to be able to run a business out of one’s home and off of the internet. Even if the business grows to the point where the recovering addict needs to expand into a commercial building, this will still not be the same as the stereotypical “workforce” type of setting.

When it comes to getting into and maintaining recovery, of course, the recovery has to be the first option and the first course of action taken here. The recovery itself is key, because without it the person is likely to just relapse back onto drugs and alcohol again, and that serves no purpose. With the above plan, a recovering individual can successfully and stably work towards freedom from addiction for life.

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