Are Women Changing the Face of the Business World?

Are Women Changing The Face Of The Business World?

Women In Business

Women are unique; they are inclined to find solutions that make everyone happy rather than just one person. They have incorporated this attribute in their business dealings, as well. Most women would not like to take advantage of other parties in their business deals, and they also would not like to be taken advantage of themselves. There is a social construct inbuilt in them to help everyone feel comfortable and socially happy. With the social construct, businesses will thereby begin building trust with others, with deals no longer being about one side of the negotiations. The deals will be flexible, and the right parties will ultimately carry the day. This attribute has led to collaborations and more cooperation in the business deals. It has created environments that make women thrive, thereby encouraging more of them to join the business world.

Women Tend to Take Smaller Risks in Business

Looking at the financial risk, women tend to be more risk-averse than men. It is ideal for them because they can start and run a business with just a few dollars in their possession. More men are seen to risk their life-savings and in case of failure, they meet huge losses. In the process, they squander their lifetime savings and waste lots of time. On the same note, women only lose the time they have invested and little money. According to a recent Labor Force Survey report, more than 80 percent of new businesses were started by women between 2008 and 2011. Women allow an emotional scope of action that can be overwhelming. Lately, they have been seen to be business leaders that have set a desirable trend to the acquisition of new opportunities. They are changing the 20th-century business structures that were dehumanizing and mechanistic. Women have been at the forefront of building societies and economies that are setting the world of business with socially responsible organizations. Women are taking the opportunity to lead this change that has been beneficial to society.

Bringing a Fresh, Unique Perspective

Women bring into businesses a different, but unique perspective, skills, and experiences. Across many cultures, they tend to have a strong communal nature in comparison to their male counterparts. They are selfless and infuse core behavior-rewarding values in their business deals. Their decisions are based on what’s best for the common good rather than personal gain. They build communities where best friends are made, thereby creating tight-knit groups. The businesses that women lead are thriving because they prioritize relationships between employees over income. According to the recent Labor Force Survey report, there are more women than men doing business between the 30-49 age groups. Recently, the number of women who have risen to top level management in the blue-chip companies has increased. This is attributed to the refined negotiation skills and the growing desire for women to lead. The continuous availability of role models is encouraging to the young and ambitious women. Therefore, they see a clear path to business development and growing their startups to success. According to the FSB, in the last two years, 49.5 percent of all leisure, catering and hotel and retail startups were owned by women. With this level of success, women are making their way and changing the face of the business world, one small step at a time.

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