Small Businesses: How to Use the Fall Season to Drive Your Holiday Sales

Autumn is here. For many parts of the country, that means leaves change color and temperatures cool. For others, it means palm trees, but perhaps less sweltering temperatures. For some, fall means pumpkin spice everything. For others, those words induce sniggers (or shivers down your spine).

For some small businesses, autumn is the busiest time of year, and you can capitalize on that to ride a tide of success through winter. For others, fall is slower.

So whether or not you are the type of small business owner to enjoy pumpkin spice Jell-O and Pop-tarts, you can use the fall season to drive your holiday sales.

If Fall is Super Busy

For many businesses, fall is the most hectic and busy time of year. Summer can mean changes in schedule and business habits, kids out of school and vacations, but with September oft comes a return to routine–including spending.

If fall is when both your employees (if you have any) and customers are ready to return to work and business, you can maximize the season to drive your holiday sales.

  • Communicate to customers – Send out an hours reminder, a “welcome back to school” notice, an end-of-summer stock sale, or other communication to your client base. Just because sales are going up, doesn’t mean it’s a time to hunker down and neglect communicating to others who might just be looking for that little nudge to bring them in the door.
  • Stay on top of details – Staying up-to-date on your bills, reaching out to suppliers about upcoming holiday inventory, even still opening your mail, can get a little challenging in a busy time of year for a small business. Keeping up with the details, though, will help you continue to prosper through the holiday sales season, instead of getting overwhelmed when those piles stack up.
  • Prepare for a rainy (or snowy) day – If fall has really picked up sales, it’s tempting to start paying down credit cards or loans, giving yourself a quarterly bonus, or otherwise spending. Spending when sales first go way up is actually a great idea, if that spending is paying off where you owe. But don’t forget to also invest in that snowy day.

If Fall is Slower

If things start to slow down for you in the autumn season, it’s a great time to drive up sales, that may come in over the next few months. Get busy, take action! Some common ways to drive small business revenue in the fall include:

  • Networking – Attending community events, taking a client out for a lunch, attending trade shows, and otherwise getting busy in your client relations and networking opportunities can help drive up winter sales.
  • Marketing – Develop and start implementing your holiday marketing strategy. Just as retail stores started putting out Christmas inventory as soon as Halloween ended, getting your holiday plans together now and out at the right time can help bring in that revenue earlier.
  • Stay busy – Relaxing after a busy summer or a rest in anticipation of a busy winter can make fall the start of a disastrous holiday sales season. Take a good look at successful strategies from past years. What were your best fall plans that led to successful holiday sales? It’s time to stay busy by re-implementing what worked and keeping you and your team (again, if you have one) productive.

Have the Best Holiday Ever

Small changes can make a big impact. So take a look at what works (and has worked) for your company, capitalize on the sales and experiences you have during autumn, and you can use the fall season to have the best holiday sales ever.

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