Rebuilding Your Credibility: How Recovering Addicts Can Prove Their Workplace Resilience

I understand that drug and alcohol addiction can create a real flat tire in one’s life.  Well, let’s be honest, it’s more like getting all four tires slashed at one time, and then still trying to drive to the destination that is your life.  Even long after regaining sobriety and long after patching those tires, people still look at you funny while you’re driving down the road that is your life.  For some reason, no matter how stable and relaxed you are in your recovery, people often still question your credibility.

Listed in this article are five ways that you can make a conscious effort to regain your credibility after beating an addiction:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as this will remove the stigma and help improve your credibility. You can reach out to friends, family members or professionals.  It is a very human thing to do and shows that you are fully in touch with your recovery.  Your network will respect you for it and not judge you so much.
  2. Understand that life is change and that these things take time. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable and is just a part of life, isn’t it?  For something as serious as addiction, it will take a while for those close to you to get over that and to grow out of the idea of viewing you as an addict or even just as a recovered addict.
  3. Sometimes you will fail, but you will always learn from whatever it is you are doing.  You won’t always be able to fully get your credibility back.  Nelson Mandela had a great quote on this topic that I have included here: “I never lose. I either win or learn.” Adopt that same attitude in life and believe me you will learn from every experience you have in recovery.
  4. Keep a positive attitude that lasts a lifetime.  Even if people do not accept you instantly, know that they will soon enough.  Know that they will come around soon enough.  Know that they will bring you back into the fold, and your confidence is what will bring that about.
  5. Be more decisive with people.  Be commanding and in charge, and people will respect you for it and start flowing you more credibility.  When something unexpected happens in your life, what is your first reaction to it? Do you take care of it right away? Do you ask someone for advice?  Both are okay. Or do you wail your woes to every single person you meet that day instead? That is not so great and will lose your credibility.

At the end of the day, it is sometimes a tricky prospect to regain your credibility after having just gone through addiction and after having put others in your life through it as well.  Sometimes it can be difficult to really accept people back in after experiencing this, but you really do need to accept them as the alternative is really not so great.

If you ever want to jump back into life and really take your life back, you need to be able to engage yourself in recovery that lasts a lifetime.  And to do that, you need to get your networks up and running again.  To do that, you need to regain credibility with the people you know and care about.  To do that, you need to follow the above tips and others to make it clear to people that you are not an addict anymore.  Do this, and you will win in the long run.